Technology has collided with democracy in Canada.

The defining issue facing Canadian cities today is: who will build, set the rules, and ultimately govern the underlying architecture for smart cities in Canada?

In a future where Canada’s cities are standardized, interoperable, and data-driven – an internet of cities – the architecture layer will be the operating system. It’s where we will embed the answers to big societal questions around data governance, privacy, value capture, and more.

It’s vital that national smart city architecture, standards and protocols be built and maintained in the public interest: digital public infrastructure (DPI). If not, cities risk welcoming an ungovernable technological layer into the heart of their infrastructure and operations.

DPI will protect democratic institutions, modernize cities at scale and nurture a vibrant Canadian technology ecosystem.

About Us

The Open City Network is a not-for-profit mobilizing a working coalition to build digital public infrastructure for smart cities.

We believe that

  • Open architecture should be the foundation of DPI;
  • The public sector must protect the value of public data;
  • Modernized regulations are required for smart city technologies;
  • Canada needs sustained investments in the digital and cultural modernization of our city institutions.

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Our membership is open to the public sector (including elected officials), NGOs and relevant private sector organizations.

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