Navigating the Smart City

Technology has never had more potential to change the way citizens experience cities. Smart infrastructure – embedded with data gathering sensors – will generate data and insights that create whole new ways to make city life safer, more efficient and more livable.

Realizing that exciting potential requires a careful navigation of the intersection between technology, public policy and cities.

The Open City Network brings representatives from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors together to develop best practices regarding data governance and technology in smart cities.

The Open City Network

The Open City Network believes cities should come first in smart city partnerships. Elected officials, reflecting the interests of the citizens they represent, should be empowered to determine the shape and governance of their smart city initiatives. Residents should benefit from the data they generate. To achieve this, Canadian regulations and standards need to be modernized to reflect the unique challenges and opportunities presented by emerging smart city technologies.

Our Focus

The Open City Network will create the forums for exploring the intersection between technology and public policy. We will:

Convene relevant stakeholders in the private and public sectors and NGOs

Collaborate with governments to address the implications of smart city technologies

Develop the standards and protocols needed to make policy goals a reality

If you or your organization are interested in this work, please read our membership candidate brief.